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  • “God’s Best”
     This is the shortened version of a quote that my dad taught a class on at church when I was growing up. The rest of it is like this: “God gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.” For months he taught us that no matter what the situation or the need, no matter how big or how small, that if we would take it to God, God would come through and give His best. And when we choose to listen to God and wait on God we are doing what’s most glorifying to Him!... Almost three years since we started dating, and a year and a half into marriage and I am so thankful I held out for God’s best for me. One thing that I learned throughout the journey is that what we think is God’s best for us is not always actually God’s best for us. The way to knowing if something or someone is though, is through a constant relationship with The Father where we are walking and talking with Him daily. When we know Him, we know His voice, and when we can hear His voice we can hear the “go ahead” or the “hold up.” It’s not always easy to wait, and He may not always open the door we wanted Him to open up, but in the end we will be so glad we listened to Him and waited. This bracelet is a reminder for me to look back on what God has done in the past, so I’ll know what He can do in the future!
    - John Luke & Mary Kate Robertson 
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    (couple is wearing the brass cuff)
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God's Best by JL&MK

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