The Story

Two Sisters from Texas, one day we decided to stamp some jewelry. 
Here's our story...
Hi, my name is Tori! I've always been in love with my sister Desiree's love story about the day, her then boyfriend (now husband) told her how much he loved her. Grab some wine and get ready for goose bumps...
One day, driving down the country roads she asked, "Jeff, how much do you love me?" and of course, typical guy answer, " a lot." which didn't sit well with my sister. She needed full on detail, so she asked again and got the same answer. They kept driving and he told her to look outside the window, "See how the telephone wire keeps going and going? That's how much I love you, all the wire...." I think she finally got the answer she was hoping for.
These two love birds got married and on their wedding day, he had "All The Wire" engraved on her wedding band. 
I hold this story very dear to my heart, I believe in a love like this and can't wait for my "All The Wire" to happen. Until then, I'll just stamp some jewelry.