her name is "beauty"

Sharing your story  through stamped jewelry: Beauty in Alzheimers 
"As I reflect back on the day Mom told me she had tingling in her arm, to the day my parents moved to Dallas, and the day daddy and I had to place her in a Memory Care Facility, I am so thankful to God. This disease and journey has been the most difficult thing I have ever faced, yet, on the days I've cried myself to sleep, couldn't get out of bed, or my head felt like it would explode with confusion and frustration, God took over. Thank you, God, for teaching me about suffering and brokenness and how you bring beauty through it all. I love you, Mom, aka "Beauty." You are Beauty, and there can be Beauty in Alzheimer's. Mom, I look forward to more time with you each and every day. You are love."
- Sarah Bearden Smith (Dallas, Texas)
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