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Sharing your story through stamped jewelry: BE A WOMAN TO WATCH
Just a little background, I'm 26 years old, been in the corporate scene since 21. I work with 90% male coworkers. It has been a learning experience with many up and downs navigating my way and finding my voice. Finding comfort in my voice in a room full of male executives has been a difficult one but progressive nonetheless. I've never been the smartest person in the room but I've always been a doer, problem solver and offer a helping hand wherever I can. 
As our company has grown, I'm now in a position to influence and work with a handful of women who I see struggle with the same thing I did (and continue to do so). My meaning behind the cuffs was to encourage my girlfriends to understand how we handle controversy, frustration and conflict is always seen. Seen by executives, managers, co-workers and other women. We have the choice to take the high road, we have the choice to be kind and continue to put our best foot forward. Finding your voice is a journey and to maintain the course. I wanted to provide a daily reminder for them to know that their hard work never goes unnoticed. We have way more influence on others than we could ever imagine.
Being a woman is a very powerful thing.
-Jacey Moreno (Austin, Texas)
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  • Ms Smith on

    In the corporate world it is sometimes difficult to stand up for yourself. I went through a very difficult year last year. God had other opportunities for me this year and provided me an opportunity to go another direction after 31 years. To the women who are struggling, please always remember, your morals and your integrity is how you will be remembered. Do not let anyone push you to do anything that would not be pleasing to God. People will remember you for the things you do, the way you talk and the walk you walk, always be “a woman to watch”. I love this cuff – it is a great story to tell and every woman has a story.

  • Mrs. Benites on

    “be a woman to watch” what a powerful message, especially NOW/TODAY
    we have to support one another and encourage ALL women to put their best foot forward!

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