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Can we just begin this blog post with how we were in tears after reading madre blogger, Shay Shull  post about the story behind her 'special date' cuff BUT we also were completely in screen shot mode sending her pics of her ADORABLE familia!!! We are #blessed to call this sweet madre, friend and we just love her to pieces. 
Collaborating with friends gives us so much, sharing their stories and spreading the love. Have you guys read her sweet story yet? Ummm, stop what you are doing and click here:  (go ahead...we'll wait.)
Okay, so yes?? Tears, heart fill up with all the feelings?? We thought so. 
Couple things we will share about Shay:
She's a foodie blogger (she's kept our sweet tooth satisfied) 
They adopted a sweet little girl from China, making her a mama of 3!
Jesus is her homeboy. 
We can go on and on...but this is where you guys subscribe to her awesomeness of a blog and see for yourself what a cool human she is!
Shay and her sweet familia
images property of @mixmatchmama
All the Wire is in the 'sharing your story' business and fell in love with the meaning behind Shay's 'special date' cuff. What is a special date that means so much to you?


Share your stories by posting a comment on our blog. Each week we will feature a story + giving away a special date cuff for each winner during our collaboration period. 

Share with us by using #mydatemystory


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  • Blair Weber on

    My special date is 12.27.86 because that is my birthday, but not just my birthday, my mom’s as well. My mom was not born in ’86 obviously, but the date 12.27.86 on her 25th birthday she gave birth to me, her first born and became a mom. She is not just a mom, but my everything. She is my best friend and we have a bond like that is undeniable. She stayed at home with my brother and I and gave her whole life to us. When I was growing up, I always longed to be exactly like my mom and prayed that I could be half the mom she is to me. She continues to be my side as I now am a stay-at-home mom to my two children and she provides so much joy to my children. As years go by and we age together, we will always share our bond, memories and our special date together.

  • Danielle Sedler on

    My Date: 03.04.2014
    My Story: The day the open sign turned on for Faithful Scents. The day my dreams of being a small business owner came true. This candle making ride I have been on since, has been pure bliss. Well, hard work, but blissful hard work and I love every second of it. God had the most amazing plan for me. So many exciting things to come for us, but I don’t ever want to forget where we started.

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