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    We loved her all the wire….
    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are proud to release a special cuff we hope encourages and honors strong women fighting cancer.
    Our dear friend, Beth Straubmueller bravely fought triple-negative breast cancer. TNBC is a rapidly growing and aggressive cancer. There are 50,000 cases annually of aggressive breast cancers that are not treatable with standard therapies. After a three-year battle, Beth passed away in August of 2015. During her final year of treatment, Beth participated in trial therapies made possible by The Amy T. Selkirk Fund for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy. This fund was established to further research of traditional and investigational therapies. This fund is specifically used for advancing breast cancer research with a focus on breast cancer immune-oncology at Baylor Health Care System Foundation in Dallas, TX.   We are thankful for the doctors & researchers who work hard everyday to find a cure.

    The beautiful Beth Straubmueller 

    A portion of the profits from this special cuff will go directly to honor Beth’s desire to fight one more day.

     We would love for you to share your stories in memory of a loved one or an amazing, strong woman you know and love who is currently fighting one more day.

    Post your story in the comments section below.



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    • Bruce Selkirk says...

      Dear Friends and Family of Beth – I just stumbled across this blog today. I am sorry that the TNBC vaccine was unsuccessful for Beth. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything I can do to ease your pain. It’s been over 4 years since we lost Amy. My experience has been that although the pain never goes away, it does dissipate, and you will find happiness in your lives again. Best regards, Bruce Selkirk

      On March 24, 2016

    • Melissa says...

      Jenn Day – I am in tears for your loss. I can only hope that one day I have a friend as dear to me as Beth was to you. This was beautifully written.. in a way every person would wish to be honored. Thank you for sharing.

      On October 21, 2015

    • Rebekah says...

      My precious cousin who is only 31 yes old and with 2 beautiful daughters ages 2 and 4 has been diagnosed with breast cancer on the 17th…My heart is heavy but I have such a peace come over me when I pray for her. We love you Jaime and you got this girl!

      On October 20, 2015

    • Julia Martin says...

      My boyfriends precious mother finished her battle with lung cancer last Saturday, September 26th. She left behind a husband and three boys, Chase, 17, Taylor, 15, and Carter, 12. My life will forever be changed by this beautiful woman, whom though I only had the privilege of knowing for a few short months, changed my life forever. She won’t be at Chase’s graduation in May, nor will she be at our wedding, or the birth of our first child. But I know she’s holding the hand of the Creator, and she left a legacy of her fight; she fought every single day to be a mother for her boys and a light for Christ.

      On October 06, 2015

    • Jenn Day says...

      I have never really liked pink when I stop and think about it.

      And for three years-October has been gut wrenching and incomprehensible—— heartbreaking… yet hopeful.


      I’ve always been more of a tomboy I guess. I keep up with my Texas Longhorns and my Fantasy Football Team more than I do the latest trends and styles. For a while, I was a very hard girl to get. But I had a friend-and she got me from the very start. My husband met her first. Told me all about her when he came home from work thirteen years ago. He said she was different-he said she was special-he said she was a great mom and that he was sure we would be great friends.

      He was right.

      She was all that and more.

      We raised our toddlers together. She dried my eyes when my dad died. She listened when it was hard to trust. When it seemed easier to run-she pushed me to stay. When the grind of car lines and practice-room moms and healthy snacks beat the life out of me….she stood by my side and we giggled. We made spirit pants and taught our kids tricks to slide down swimming pool slides as fast as possible. She taught me how to relax and to have fun—to laugh at myself-and to laugh with my kids.

      Three years ago, we sat on a beach.

      We watched the sun set and dreamed about our next steps. She would design jewelry and I would run her business. We would spend our newly found free time with baubles and beads as our kids moved through the teenage years. I would write and she would create. I would blog and she would design. We would eat right and exercise grow our hair long stay up too late and listen to loud music.

      Until she found a lump.

      Her husband texted mine and I remember crying for three days straight.

      And for three years following those three days, she fought.

      She fought an ugly disease- the triple negative kind. She fought with grit and sheer will-with grace and unsurpassed beauty. She fought through seasons and holidays-milestones and every days.

      And now she’s gone.

      I wash her dishes and sweep her floors. I darken her hallways and fold her towels—-I buy her favorite candles. I check her Pinterest Boards and reread our old text messages. I check on her kids and plan Sunday Suppers for our families. The empty chair at our dining room table sits that way on purpose. And i struggle to understand how she can be gone and still be such a part of our everyday.

      and the complication of it all slips away as i see her in new ways….

      I can see her in the courage of her sons.
      I can see her in the bright eyes of her daughter.
      I can remember her in the love stories only her husband can tell.

      I loved my friend Beth and I know you would have as well. She loved life-her dear husband-her kids-her friends-her people. She was quiet and confident all at the same time. She was a mystery and an easy read complicated by quiet and tenacity. She needed a cure. But what she got was a fight. She was more than a conqueror. She was more than pink.

      She was my friend…She loved me. I loved her.

      I am forever thankful that my Beth chose to fight. Keep laughing Keep loving Keep shining

      And always be brave enough to fight one more day

      On October 06, 2015

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