• B E F R E E

    BE FREE.
    It seems so simple, right? Especially here in United States, a nation founded on freedom. But the truth is that freedom doesn’t apply to everyone.
    With this, we are extremely eager to announce that we are just days away from launching our partnership with our friends at good hYOUman! Together we have teamed up to spread awareness about Human Trafficking.
    I'm sure we all know that human trafficking exists. We are so detached though. Many of us are unaware that it's right here in the U.S., the land of the free.

    We are so honored by this partnership and the opportunity it gives us to create awareness through this message: BE FREE.
    The message is so much more than just two words. BE FREE is a message that unite us in spreading awareness and support in fighting the battle of abuse, abuse we can’t even start to imagine. This message is support to the victims who have experienced or are experiencing Human Trafficking.
    The battle is staying free; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We hope you will join us to end human trafficking.
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