One of the coolest things we both can agree on is watching a friend being able to live out their calling and spread God's word. When our dear friend Lauren Scruggs Kennedy released her second book, 'Your beautiful heart' without question this was going to be a must read. 

“Beauty is on the inside. We know it’s true . . . yet sometimes it seems tough to fully believe it. What would your world be like if you truly felt beautiful and lived every day full of that confidence and joy?

Lauren Scruggs knows how it feels to search for beauty. She grew up knowing of God’s love, but never fully understood what that love meant, or how it extended to the deepest parts of her soul—until a horrible accident that resulted in the loss of both her left eye and hand. In her darkest hours, everything Lauren believed was tested. Yet it was there that God showed her where real beauty comes from: the unfailing love of the Creator. God’s love is what truly makes us lovely.

Using stories from Lauren’s accident, recovery, and experiences in the fashion world, Your Beautiful Heart explores issues that teen girls face every day: body image, self-worth, peer pressure, and much more. Whether you read the book on your own or with a group of friends, Lauren’s personal message of love, faith, and value will show you what it means to be a girl who radiates with true beauty."

Collaborating with Lo was such a blessing. Spreading a message not just to teen girls but all women was something we wanted to be a part of.

Our purpose of our 'heart' necklace.

Reading her book, one word stuck out the entire time: growth. Your heart is continually changing and growing for the better. A heart that listens, a heart that chooses, a heart that believes, a heart that is loved...it all starts with your heart

Our heart necklace has been such a great reminder to us what real beauty is. We hope you guys can take away the same message away with you too. 

A Heart that is grateful, 
Lauren, Desiree, & Tori 

 Your Beautiful Heart: 31 Reflections on Love, Faith, Friendship, and Becoming a Girl Who Shines


  • Have you guys chosen a winner yet? ☺️

  • My family and my friends are always on my heart.

    Elisabeth zuerker
  • Wow. Where to begin. There is so much on my heart right now, sometimes it feels overwhelming. The biggest thing overall that is on my heart is to seek, trust and know God more than I hVe ever felt before. I’ve always been a Christian my whole life, but what does that look like really? You read the Bible, you go to church, you pray, but sometimes you just go through the motions of it all. What does it look like to really, I mean REALLY know the one who has formed my own heart. It is always so easy to say you trust God and he is wonderful when things are going exactly how you want them, but it is another to still say “Lord, I trust your plans” when things are difficult and you can’t see the bright side. That is where I want to get to. I want to firmly and truthfully say, “I believe in your ways Lord, and I will trust you no matter what comes”. I pray this for myself, for my husband, for my sweet son who is four, and for everyone. I want my life to shine for God’s glory. How amazing would it be that through the way you live your life, another has been led to Christ through you. That truly blows my mind. This is what is on my “heart”, and I pray I never stop seeking.

  • My whole family is in my heart

  • I’ve had those moments too- I’ll be 30 on May 25th, and boy, has it ever been a journey. I realized that we are beautiful, inside & out, because we reflect what Christ is- Love. God made man the bearer of his image; men are deemed to be strong, humble, and of courage; and woman are the softer, sweeter side of Him- his love, caring, and beauty that carries over into her entire being. We are so strongly attacked because beauty is what we long to hear- Are we beautiful? Are we good enough? And the answer is YES! We are! I am so thankful that through a lot of heartache and pain, that I truly have realized what it means to LOVE like the Lord loves us. It turned out to be a great blessing to see my heart for what it is— and for how God views us all.


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