YAY 30K!

This is just crazy!!! Seriously, when we started All the Wire we had no intentions but to stamp jewelry and share a great love story. Each time we hit a #, whether it was 500, 1k, 5k, etc...we are always in this quiet moment of gratitude and thanks. All the Wire is who we are and because of you guys, we get to share so many stories, memories, special moments through our stamped jewelry. How cool would it be if every single one of our followers could line up and we would just start hugging each of you!!! We would so do that!
Thank you for your love. Thank you for your support. Thank you for sharing your stories and special moments with ATW. Our hearts are full.
We've got such a long way to go and can't wait to see what else God has in store. All of this for His Glory. 
God is good. You guys are good. We love y'all! #allthewire

 We would love to hear from y'all! What are some of your favorite #ATW pieces? What's your story? 
Besos, D & T




  • Let us spread love instead of hate
    Let us up lift instead of tear down
    Let us shed light instead of bringing darkness
    Let us choose joy instead of sewing frustration
    Let us hold onto hope instead of feeling trapped in despair
    Show kindness
    Give a smile
    Let us conquer today instead of today conquering us
    Let us hope in tomorrow instead of dreading the morning to come
    Let’s be world changers
    Let love win

    Here's my Heart
  • Love! Love! Love! Your work is simply amazing! I believe that if you do unto others as you would do unto them, life makes sense! What’s on my heart: the love I have to give and share as a wife, daughter, friend, and sister! My baby brother (16 years apart) just graduated from High school. I could not be more proud for all 4 of my brothers, I’m the only girl :) I’m learning to let go and let him enjoy what the world has to offer. My heart is heavy so retail therapy it is. : ) I adore the heart necklace!!! I need all the ladies in my life to enjoy it…I’m sharing this!!!

    Tiffany Ellison
  • Sharing what’s on my heart, for a chance to win a heart necklace.

    Always on my heart is my closest friend Amy who has lost 2 children now. 11 years ago lost her little boy Carsten when he was born prematurely, and lived just 4 days. Then tragically, a year ago her 4 1/2 yr old boy Finn, got a bad case of croup and unbeknownst to them it caused epiglottiti, which closed off his airway. The paramedics were able to get his airway opened, but he’d gone too long without oxygen. He saved 3 lives and gave sight to 2 others through organ donation ❤ His mom and dad (Amy and her husband) are incredible people who have remained thoughtful and kind and giving throughout all of the sadness that has cloaked their family. They’re truly an extraordinary couple.

    They are on my heart every, every day. I would love to give her a heart necklace. If I don’t win it, I think I’ll still buy her one ? Love your Insta page, found you through Audrey Roloff.

    Thank you!

    ~ Debbie

    Debbie Andrews
  • My only child is graduating this June. He is a strong willed, health-conscious, loving, giving, determined young man.
    He has been accepted to Texas Tech to and will study
    Food Sciences and Kineseology. I plan to gift him an #allthewire Big Love Cuff with the word DETERMINED.

    I know this will be my favorite piece, favorite gift,
    favorite love-of-my-life moment :)

    Thank you AllTheWire ladies.



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