give me the mountain

Give me the mountain.

It all started with a conversation in a tepee (yep, a tepee). As our girls’ weekend to Marfa, Texas came to an end, we found ourselves on that last night huddled around a firepit swapping stories when the conversation shifted to the idea of “mountains”. Mountains to climb…mountains to move…mountains we suffer on…mountains we stake victory on.

Everyone is on a journey. And, every journey has peaks and valleys. As we talked, our conversation shifted to our personal journeys and the trek UP that can sometimes feel impossible. Sometimes facing mountains is heavy and daunting and causes us to lean in and throttle up to simply survive the trek. We talked about Joshua in the Bible and how his journey was long, but eventually led him to the land of promise…a land of mountains (Joshua 14:12). “Give me this mountain” was his cry. His mountain was purpose and promises fulfilled.

Sometimes we climb. Sometimes we stand on the peak. Sometimes we stumble. Sometimes we move mountains.

But, we all face them. And so, as you face the mountains on your own journey, our hope is that you remember you were made for the journey…and you are never alone.

- Kris Murphy | ATW Tribe

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