• Feliz Cumpleaños Desiree!

    We celebrated our 'Cactus Queen' and co-founder, Desiree Cox's birthday! It was a small gathering of family and close friends, piñatas, and lots of love! One thing you have to know about Des is she doesn't like surprises. Our fearless leader is ALWAYS in the loop so planning this mini fiesta wasn't the easiest task. When the 'Cactus Queen' signs off on eveeeeerything we do, makes it a little hard to be sneaky but with the help of her sisters Tori and Denise...we nailed it! 
    We believe every birthday should be celebrated in a big way! To the most selfless woman we know, we hope you had the BEST birthday ever! To many, many more fiestas!

    Video by: Stop Being A Hag

    We love you Des!


    All the Wire Tribe

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