• Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day we're giving back to the amazing single mom's out there! Between now and April 25th for every order placed with All the Wire, a portion of the sale will be given to Cross Timbers Community Church. Our goal is to lighten the load this Mother's Day and bless these single moms. A little bit goes a long. Thank you for being part of their story. To all the strong, single mom's out there, you are loved. 
    Want to share your story with us? Are you the single mom wearing two hats? Do you know a single mom wearing two hats? Did your mom wear two or more hats for you?
    Let's praise these women by sharing their stories.
    Elizabeth's story: 
    Gotta story to tell? We'd love to hear from you! Comment below.
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    • Carly says...

      Hello! I’m just so in love with your beautiful jewelry and especially the baby and mommy bracelets!! I still want to get one of the gold plated bracelets with my daughter Vida’s name inscribed in it.

      I’m so moved by your support for single mothers as I am part of that club. Raising a beautiful, smart and amazing little girl on my own is empowering, amazing and of course so challenging. My daughter only met her biological dad 3x as a newborn and he’s been out of the picture ever since – literally no responsibility at all and he chose to leave and have zero contact. We were already separated before I was pregnant for 4 months. Longest story short he’s not the greatest person and I’m actually better off raising this precious girl on my own. So again while tough, I have to show her how to be strong and that she can be whatever she wants to be but of course fierce and fabulous!! Again, thank you for sticking up for us Mama bears that are wearing both hats and doing it on our own the best we can. It means so much and makes me love your products that much more. Thank you for hearing part of my story and I can’t wait to order a bracelet soon! (I know I just missed the Mother’s Day orders!) but still looking to get one soon.

      Love and light,


      On April 25, 2016

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